Here are just some of the things people have been saying about 4tφ.

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"The course is set to a high standard... I can unequivocally recommend the textbooks supplied for the course, provided those who use them have the ability to appreciate their contents."
    - Kevin Quinn, lifelong teacher of mathematics

"Finally an easy-to-use resource for senior extension mathematics students, with enough depth to challenge the brightest students while still being accessible to others."
    - Dean McKenzie, Assistant HOD Mathematics, St. Andrew's College
"This course helped me so much. The notes cover all the important aspects of the scholarship work, especially with a lot of shortcuts to difficult problems. Combining these notes with original questions definitely boosted me up to scholarship level."
    - Thomas Chima, Scholarship in Mathematics with Calculus 2010

"When it comes to attention to detail most academics know that some of their students do a much better job than they do! This set of workbooks proves this beyond doubt. Writing questions (and, worse, solutions) that help students gain an indepth understanding of the material and allow them to explore concepts without spoon-feeding them repetitive tasks is not an easy job and these books have done this excellently for Scholarship Calculus."
    - Dr Alex James, University of Canterbury

"This scholarship course exposed me to a higher level of learning and provided me with an invaluable set of skills to use in NCEA Level 3 Calculus and, later, in my first year of university. My approach to problem solving was considerably enhanced and I gained greater confidence as a result."
    - Hamish Stott, Dux of St. Andrew's College 2010

"I found this course extremely helpful in preparing for the scholarship exam. Not only did it teach me new techniques for approaching questions, it also gave me valuable experience in using them on scholarship style problems. Overall the course made me much more confident going into the exam and I doubt I could have done as well without it."
    - Sarah Wright, Scholarship in Mathematics with Calculus 2010 (from Y12), Outstanding Scholarship 2011

"I am so enjoying the Yr 13 Workbook. It is very stimulating and has already been useful in my teaching... The series is just what I wanted."
    - Elizabeth Chesney, MathsTuition
"I am working through your Year 12 book with a future schol candidate... we are really enjoying it. You have done an amazing job."
    - Pam Fisher, HOD Maths, Te Awamutu College

"Congratulations on the production of these books - they are excellent and also excellent value at $25."
    - Andrew Gurney, HOD Maths, Upper Hutt College