Useful Links

This page has links to sites with resources that will be useful for work at NCEA level 3 and alongside Scholarship extension material from 4tφ.

If you have any other links you would like to see added and shared with others, please let me know.

Site Description
Applied Calculus
This site has tutorials and questions following a textbook model. Some parts of it are at university level.
Bitesize Revision This site has revision note and questions for students to try.
Dave's Short Course in Trigonometry Notes and questions on trigonometry.
Download Graph This (free!) software allows you to draw 2D graphs in Cartesian, parametric or polar form and analyse them e.g. with tangents and normals. It also supports relational (implicit) input and things like animations. Can be used as a plugin for Microsoft Word.
Find the Error! Your task is to find the fundamental, commonly-made errors that make these calculus "proofs" lead to contradictions such as 2=1.
GoodQuestions ProjectSmall questions from the GoodQuestions Project at Cornell University, aimed at quickly allowing students to see how deeply they understand concepts. Because this resource was designed for use in the first year of university, some parts of it may be irrelevant.
Karl's Calculus Tutor This site explores calculus concepts and theorems, illustrating them with stories.
Khan AcademyThis site has video tutorials on a wide variety of topics.
Maths First Massey University site with notes on algebra, trigonometry, integration and differentiation. Some parts may be beyond NCEA.
MathsreachWebsite managed by the New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (NZIMA) which showcases real-life mathematical stories: video interviews with mathematicians explaining what they do for a living, information on careers possible with mathematics, and more.
NZ Centre of Maths Free maths resources based on the NZ Curriculum.
NZQA Scholarship Calculus Page This page has important information about the Scholarship Calculus exam, as well as resources in the form of past exams and marking schedules.
Purplemath Algebra Algebra notes and worked examples, across many levels.
Scholar - Complex Numbers Notes, interactive java applets and exercises on complex numbers.
S-Cool This site has notes, revision material and exam-style questions for differentiation, integration, trigonometry and real algebra.
Studyit L3 / Scholarship Maths Forums Discuss maths questions or read others' questions and answers.
Virtual MathLab College Algebra A series of tutorials on algebra, with practice tests.
Wolfram Alpha The repository of all mathematical knowledge, which includes a sophisticated engine for evaluating mathematical expressions and solving equations.