About the Author

My name is Simon Todd and I am the author of the 4tφ books.

In 2008, I was Dux of St. Andrew's College and gained an NZQA Outstanding Scholar Award, with (among other results) an Outstanding Scholarship in Mathematics with Calculus. I completed a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours at the University of Canterbury in 2012, studying Mathematics and Linguistics, and am moving to USA in September 2013 to study towards a PhD in Linguistics at Stanford University, with emphasis on the intersection between mathematics, computation and language variation and change. 

I have been tutoring mathematics since 2006 and have tutored students at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels with a range of abilities. Since the beginning of 2009, I have been involved with the development and delivery of the 2-year Scholarship Calculus preparation programme at St. Andrew's College.

4tφ is the result of two years of hard work as a part of the development of this programme. Originally intended just as a private teaching resource, it was refined and expanded upon to be made publicly available because of the serious lack of resources for the teaching of Scholarship Calculus. I do hope you find it useful and enjoy teaching from it as much as I enjoyed learning, compiling and teaching the material in the first place.